A simple tip to make you more likable

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Happy Father’s Day to all the rad dads out there.

Including mine, who taught me the difference between your and you’re. A lesson I forgot in last week’s newsletter 😬.

Are you pursuing the traditional playbook for success yet find yourself wondering:

Is this it?

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🎧 In this week's podcast, we ask: How do you get off the hedonic treadmill?

A simple tip to make you more likable

People hate the term networking.

They hate it so much that they want to take a shower after participating in the activity.

In one study, networkers were more likely to complete a sentence with "cleansing" words like "shower", "wash", and "soap."

And in another, people who considered attending a business networking event rated cleansing products like "soap" and "toothpaste" as more desirable.

I want to offer a simple reframe for you.

Ditch networking.

Instead focus on "ARB," or Authentic Relationship Building.

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And finally, Warren G’s Regulate performed in a Latin style.

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