One day, your no longer their favorite person

Hi Reader,

I hope you’re having a rad start to the weekend - I just touched down in LA from Mexico.

Happy Pride Month, especially to our friends in the LGBTQ+ community.

As you know, we're planning our first IRL event for later this summer.

We just booked the venue and we'll be sharing more shortly. Could you do us a solid and tell us a bit more about your professional path (with a simple click):

1. I currently work on Wall Street

2. I used to work on Wall Street but left

3. I'm trying to get a job on Wall Street

4. I'm not on Wall Street and have no interest in the industry

🎧 In this week's podcast, we ask: Why do I love surfing?

The Magic Window has closed

Well, that was quick.

Yesterday, she was a newborn.

Taking a nap while nestled on my chest.

Like a little kitten curled up in a cozy nook.

10 years later, she grabs my phone, shoves it in my face to unlock FaceID so that she can start her Spotify playlist.

Every proposed hang is met with, “Can I bring a friend?”

But it’s not as grim as it seems.

Because now you can shoot down to Mexico in the middle of the week to do this:

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When you first meet someone, sometimes you just immediately like them. We often think likability is an inborn trait. But by working on skills like saying names, remembering details and telling great stories, you too can level up your rizz.

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Everyone’s a sellout now

13 minutes | Vox

To release a book or album in the past, you had to create quality work and catch the eye of a publisher or record label. Now? It takes personal brand-building and endless self-promotion, often on social media. But what do we lose when influencers shape culture?

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50 things I know

8 minutes | Sasha Chapin

What things do you know? I don’t mean basic math or the best route to the school pick-up line. I’m not sure I could come up with 50 this thought-provoking. My favorites include: the power of silliness, how to throw good a good party and naming emotion as a way to calm a dispute.

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Below the Fold


And finally, my Gen X babies gonna appreciate this Fugees x Lil Wayne collab

With gratitude,


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